The building will serve as a two-storey 857 sq m guest-house.

The building is structured on reinforced concrete frames on two directions, with concrete block insulated foundations and reinforced concrete liners under the pillars, as well as reinforced concrete foundation beams and continuous concrete foundations to support the outer walls.

The building’s superstructure: monolithic reinforced concrete frames in both directions, respectively from portable masonry to the floods on the ground floor and reinforced concrete floor on the first floor, monolithic reinforced concrete stairs with two straight ramps.

Closures and partitions: brick masonry exterior walls with expanded polystyrene thermosystems, interior drywalls on the ground floor and attic. The roof has a fireproof resinous wooden framed system and ceramic tile cover.

Interior finishes: tiled floors in the kitchen area and bathrooms, heavy traffic tiled floors in traffic areas, the stairs and the restaurant, parquet floors and carpeting in the hall and rooms, washable lime painting for walls and ceilings, tiled walls in bathrooms, coffered ceilings covered with coffered gypsum-plasterboards, interior woodwork of resinous wood.

Exterior finishes: exterior silicate plaster at the base, decorative plaster structured on the thermosystem on the facades, exterior laminated wood carpentry with insulating glass.

Access to the parking spaces is made directly from the access road. The connection of the main entrance with the parking is a tiled pedestrian alleyway; pavements, steps, ramps, parapets and planters were also built to connect the building with the landscaped terrain.

This project took nine months, with funds from AFIR and the investor.